Dr. Ozkarahan is offering a one-on-one mentoring program for psychiatric residents or Early Career Psychiatrists (ECPs) fresh out of training who are looking to develop a solo private practice. This is not formal supervision about psychiatric cases but is practical guidance on practice-related matters. The consultations are custom-tailored to the needs of the individual trainee or ECP and cover areas such as:

  • Identifying unique areas of interest to help you stand out
  • Managing boundaries
  • Taking care of others by prioritizing your own self-care
  • Protecting your time
  • Setting your fees
  • Balancing flexibility with professionalism
  • Avoiding burn-out and depletion
  • Maintaining work/ life balance

The consultations are 45 minutes long and held virtually on RingCentral Video. To inquire about rates and schedule a mentoring session, please send an e-mail to dr@ozkarahanmd.com and include your phone number in your message. A free, brief phone call will be arranged prior to the video visit.