Given Dr. Ozkarahan’s unique synergy of credentials as a fitness and lifestyle-oriented medical doctor holding multiple certifications by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, she is also offering a short-term treatment package of “Lifestyle Psychiatry” sessions. This targeted & structured model of treatment is geared for young adults (ages 20s through 40s) who are looking to complement psychotherapy and/or psychopharmacology interventions with lifestyle psychiatry principles to build harmony with their bodies, optimize their work/ life balance, and prioritize their wellness using elements of:

  • Physical Exercise Coaching
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Yoga & Meditation Coaching
  • Sleep Optimization
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Motivational Support, and
  • Behavioral Activation

With extensive experience recovering from various athletic injuries herself via sports medicine physicians and physical therapists, Dr. Ozkarahan can also assist injured athletes through the challenges of rehabilitation, mental coping, and physical healing.

Dr. Ozkarahan is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Women’s Fitness Specialist, and Behavior Change Specialist. As an avid water enthusiast, she is also certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors as an Open Water Diver.

To inquire about rates, please send an email to and specify interest in this Lifestyle Psychiatry package offering. Please note that this structured-timeline model may not be suitable for everyone. Dr. Ozkarahan will evaluate each individual’s unique clinical needs during the consultation and customize an appropriate treatment plan.

Yoga Photos of Dr. Ozkarahan, courtesy of Bee Bosnak